Bamboo Music School
Bamboo Music School
Online Indian Classical and Western Music Classes

Get Started Now

1. Set up trial class in few easy steps 

  • The first step is selecting an instrument in Home page
  • Use coupon code “NEWCLASS”
  • Select a coach and your time zone
  • Pick date and time for a trial class
  • Given minimal personal information for email and text reminder
  • Click on Complete to get a meeting invite in seconds to your email

2. Reschedule a Class and Create an Account

  • The second step is creating an account with us
  • Open an email received from us, click on Change or Cancel link
  • On the Confirmation page, click on Register for an Account link
  • Key in the new password and confirm it again, and click on Sign up
  • Post successful login, you can reschedule classes
  • Select an existing class, select a new date and time, and click on reschedule

3. Buy a subscription package and schedule a recurring class

  • Useful to schedule classes in one go
  • From our website, click on Schedule Now
  • Log in on the page and click on View Products/Packages
  • Select the subscription package and enter the personal details
  • Enter the payment details to complete the purchase
  • Click on the Schedule link on the Conformation page/email
  • Select the Class, Tutor, Date, and time and select recurring then complete the Appointment

4. Schedule ad-hoc classes

  • On our Home page, select an instrument, preferred tutor, your time zone, date, and time.
  • Add more recurring classes as needed
  • Enter personal details or log in
  • Enter the payment details to complete the purchase.
  • Check the email for class links