Bamboo Music School
Bamboo Music School
Online Indian Classical and Western Music Classes

A Few Words About Who we are

What we had in mind while starting Bamboo Music School was the sole intention to bring high-quality personalized music education to the students who did not know how. Now we have students from major cities to remote countryside locations spread over many countries with plans of expanding further.

Success starts with our dedicated finest, handpicked professional tutors.  They have a minimum of 10 years of teaching & professional experience.  Our students are certified by Trinity College London. Our knowledge of the subject is unparalleled. Our School is both federal and state registered. we are increasing our reach to anyone who wants to learn music at a very affordable rate.

Bamboo Music school is one of the emerging online Music schools to learn our traditional Indian music and Western musical instruments. We are based out of Minnesota and we started our teaching journey three years ago. Currently we are enrolled with more than 100+ students from 12 US states and we would like to expand our presence across all of the other locations.

Leaders in Education Technology

We bring and use highly secure, leading, easy to use tools to connect tutors and students. Provide seamless learning experience and outstanding service 

Leverage the technology  

We connect enthusiastic learners with industry leading experts using technology. Ensure quality education for all. We uncover and enrich their potential. Technology not only helps to remove barriers but also helps to save time and gas emissions. Technology makes music education more meaningful. 

Our Business

Develop a Win-Win business model by automating the processes. It eliminates the middle man, and physical infrastructure. Deliver Consistent high value to our students. We grow by word of mouth.  Our transformation process is to educate, explore, experience, and exceed.

Key benefits for Our Online Classes

We have been working hard to transform the learning experience to more intuitive and innovative. Create awareness and simplify the experience.  Enrich learning by active listening and participation.

How our School Works

Bamboo Music school has simplified the online music learning process, by connecting our highly qualified teachers with our students online through 1:1 training session.  We conduct classes for all ages with flexible scheduling and personalized & Trinity Music Collage curriculum for each student. The one-on-one teaching strategy helps to identify areas to improve and personalize their lesson plan to meet their goal in the quickest possible ways.